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Add thoughtful touches to your interiors of your abode by adding a classic touch with metal artifacts, antique showpieces, animal figurines, wall art, antique mirror, Canvas paintings, wall decors and pictures that are special to you.

Decstudio guarantees a beautiful floor that is easy to install and maintain and durable enough to handle the challenges of everyday life. So it will still look great even after years of use.However, you can’t choose your flooring solely based on how it looks! There are a lot of factors to consider, and so, we’ve put together a complete guide to help you make an informed decision


Metal artifacts that showcase the beauty of metal are available in both matte finish and glossy finish. This could include metal embellished statues, nameplates, doorplates, classic clocks etc. Unique showpieces never fail to attract attention or admiration. Animal figurines present animals as decorative pieces or collectibles. They are made up of plastic, metal or ceramics as raw material. Exquisite range of animal figurines is available in the market while some representing meaningful significant. For instance, elephant figurines have been considered an ancient symbol of strength and majesty. According to Feng Shui, the Elephant figurine brings wisdom, good luck, and fertility. Decorating empty wall space with a creative wall decor can function as a crucial design element to enhance the interiors of a house. With limited space available these days, the need for professional help is surging in order to make the living and working space more comfy, attractive and practical. Previously, this task was done by an architect who would to do the entire exteriors along with the interiors of a place. Today, people have become very particular about the designs, layout and complementing artifacts of the home as well as offices. Unique showpieces are available both online and offline specialty stores. Since these usually inexpensive objects reflect a contemporary society or popular culture, thus, they are simply used to represent any particular theme in interior decoration. These require some expertise to appreciate their true value depending on its historical value and material as in case of animal figurines. Some of these are expensive items while majority items fall under medium or affordable pricing category.

  •  Need classy wall clocks in living room? We have various types of wall clocks…
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  • Need royal feeling in your own home? We have royal animal figurines…
  • Need simplicity and elegance at your place?
We have artifacts in neutral natural tones… Our intention is to create beautiful and exclusive charming atmosphere to set the trend at home. The right kind of timeless showpieces and artifacts can beautify your home to such an extent that it can leave your guest stunned. Decstudio presents the elegant vintage showpieces that you cannot take your eyes off. You can now buy antique showpieces that align well with their requirement and add value to their interior aesthetics. Decstudio offers the wide collection of antique showpieces available in different not only high in quality but are also labeled at a much lower price than the original market price which makes us best store for artifacts in Pune.
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