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An artificial green wall is a vertical garden system made up of interlocking panels of fake plants. You may have heard about it as a green wall, living wall, vertical garden, artificial garden, artificial vertical garden, and artificial plant wall. People love to adorn it with artificial grasses, artificial plants, artificial flower pots, artificial trees, artificial potted plants, and artificial hanging plants. While you are looking for artificial plants shop near me, DecStudio brings all these artificial decor supplies along with artificial trees for home decor.
An artificial vertical garden is a partial or completely covered vertical space comprising a collection of artificial plants that looks very similar to the real plants. People love to build up a vertical garden such as a vertical garden in balcony which is brilliant for wall planting. You can also place a vertical garden planter on our artificial vertical garden wall to develop a magnificent indoor vertical garden. Artificial green walls or artificial vertical garden walls are the next level things as far as the interior or exterior home decor of any modern-style sophisticated home is concerned.

“ I work on the assumption that a house is successful if it is pleasant to live in”
- Alexandra De Garidel

An artificial garden can be arranged in different forms and styles. Since we need our entire horizontal space for day-to-day utilization the only option to adjust the garden is to shift towards the vertical direction. A vertical green wall is a key to keeping your space look natural, green and wholesome. Decstudio makes sure that it is designed and assembled according to the desires and specific needs of each & every client.
Our artificial plants and flowers are ideal for indoor or outdoor use with zero maintenance benefits. No irrigation is required for the artificial vertical garden Pune provided by DecStudio. Unlike real plants, you won’t face the difficulty of insects or other predators. These faux home decor items are long-lasting and provide noise-dampening effects.
DecStudio helps you develop an artificial green wall for both indoor & outdoor building spaces whether industrial, commercial, or residential. In this way, you can build your dreamland with a wide range of artificial plants, tufts, & faux grass that look very close to natural plants and grass. If you are searching for an artificial plants shop near me in Pune or artificial plants near me, consider the top-notch supplies of DecStudio. We provide artificial plants wholesale online in Pune.
We offer so many different artificial plants or artificial grass options to choose from. There are various sizes, styles, designs, & colors which can be used as decorative keepsakes for your place. We supply artificial plants online in Pune. We have more than 200+ artificial plants in various sizes to suit your requirements. These faux plants accurately mimic real plants and they are resistant against harsh climate conditions. DecStudio is the greatest supplier of artificial flowers wholesale in Pune
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