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Our floors start to look tarnished after a few years and if we overlook the fact that they require upgradation, the whole space looks older and unpleasant. If you are inspired by the latest trends of vinyl flooring, have a look on DecStudio’s top-notch collection. Whether you’re looking for luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), vinyl tile, or vinyl flooring sheets Pune, DecStudio has all that you need to upgrade the floors of your space. Our selection of the most popular styles, colors, and textures is above and beyond and satisfies all kinds of spaces including homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc.
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DecStudio offers high-quality vinyl flooring Pune that is durable with attractive finish. Vinyl flooring is the most reasonable choice when it comes to design, pattern, and style. Vinyl flooring is budget-friendly. Its care, cleanup, and maintenance are also easy. If you are looking forward to knowing how to deep clean vinyl floors, say thanks to the overall stain resistance capabilities of luxury vinyl.

“ The rule of design that I follow? ORGANIZATION ” - Pedro Cabas

Modern vinyl flooring is also noise-resistant and absorbs most of the sound made around it. It’s also warmer than your standard tile floors. Vinyl comes in flexible sheets that are easy to install using adhesive or nailing it to the sub-floor. Vinyl also comes in peel & stick sheets, making it a convenient DIY solution for flooring. Live life carefree with scratch-resistant vinyl flooring from Decstudio that is made from a synthetic polymer.
DecStudio offers the best vinyl flooring sheets price in India, top-notch PVC flooring Pune at a reasonable vinyl flooring rate. Popular vinyl flooring types include the plank, sheet, and tile. Our vinyl flooring cost is much better than the market while our primary focus is to maintain the quality keeping an affordable vinyl flooring rate. DecStudio is offering the best PVC vinyl flooring price and PVC floor sheet roll price in Pune. We provide PVC floor sheet Pune, plastic PVC, floor carpet, PVC floor tiles, PVC flooring tiles, PVC wooden flooring, PVC vinyl sheet, or PVC vinyl flooring sheet.
You can pick vinyl flooring in a wide range of colors and designs no matter if it is realistic wood-look, embossed planks, or ceramic like tiles. Some of them are an absolute mimicry of wood and marble floors. We help you choose vinyl flooring near me and vinyl tile flooring Pune regarding material, design, and dimensions. Our Modern-style PVC vinyl flooring, PVC flooring sheet Pune, PVC carpet flooring, carpet PVC, PVC tiles, and PVC floor sheet Pune are like a dream come true for any home decor aspirant. Most floating vinyl plank floors have a foam core that provides firmness and strength.
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